Counselling services

Due to a high number of referrals, priority will be given to 5 to 13 year-old students who don’t have access to free Ministry of Education-funded Counsellors.

5-7 year olds

Cambridge Lifeskills provides complementary counselling services to the 13 public schools in the Cambridge district – funded entirely by our community. 
Our counsellors work with tamariki and rangatahi five – 15 years old with family frequently included in the work we do with the children. 

8-15 year olds

Cambridge High School students who are seeking counselling are encouraged to access the C.H.S counselling service in the first instance.
If your young person would like to see a private counsellor outside of school, please contact Lifeskills for advice and suggestions to suit his/her individual needs.
Email us at: or phone 021 190 1760 and leave a message and one of the team will get back to asap.

Contact us for recommendations for counselling outside of school

Email or call 021 190 1760 and leave a message – one of the team will get back to asap.

What we do offer counselling for?

Counselling Criteria

General counselling where tamariki, rangatahi and whanau need support to work through a specific event or situation such as: 

Friendship struggle, Parental break-up, grief etc…

We do routinely refer students to other more appropriate services; this is to ensure that a young person and family receive the support that is best in both the short term and longer-term. Please don’t be offended if we refer you on, we want what is best for your child and sometimes that is not Lifeskills.


Ma te rongo, ka mohio
Ma te mohio, ka marama
Ma te marama, ka matau
Ma te matau, ka ora

Through listening comes awareness,
through awareness comes understanding,
through understanding, comes knowledge,
through knowledge comes life and wellbeing

Our Scope of Practice

Our Counsellors have an ethical responsibility to work within their scope of practice; we refer to these other services:

Child-centered Play Therapy

Professional counselling for Cambridge-school tamariki and rangatahi is free (Please note there is a charge if Government Agencies refer, contact us for details).

Cambridge Lifeskills offers both Counselling & Child Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) for tamariki who are referred.  Generally, Counselling is for the older age range 8 - 15 year olds and CCPT is for the younger range 5 - 7 year olds.  

Where do we do it?

We are a mobile service working primarily at your child's school (if in the more central Cambridge district), however we can also provide counselling at our counselling room in Cambridge if requested.

Visit us at 56 Queen Street, Cambridge
or phone 021 190 1760.

If it is an emergency or someone you know is at risk call 111

Or phone one of the following organisations:

Local Cambridge

Natalie Gibbons Counselling
021 187 7417
Counselling Waikato
021 106 6388
Cambridge Family Therapy
07 827 6060
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