Parenting Challenges

Parenting Challenges

Here at Cambridge Lifeskills a significant part of our service is to work alongside, advocate for and educate children and work with parents or caregivers. Our experience shows us this provides the best path forward for all especially our children. If you are concerned about your child / children or someone else's children or your parenting, please contact us to discuss possibilities, we are here to help. Being a parent/caregiver is the hardest job on earth.

There are so many challenges facing families these days, we are well aware as parents, that frequently it is a struggle just to keep up with the day to day running of a family life, let alone having to deal with stressful life events on top of this. Life has its way of throwing us curved balls without the instruction manual on how to deal with them. Ongoing pressure can lead to increase in drug and or alcohol use to take the edge off and relieve the feeling of stress. At times domestic violence which includes yelling, fighting or the silent treatment can escalate and has a very detrimental impact on children's wellbeing and sense of safety.

As adults we can be so caught up in our adult pressures and how to deal with these challenges that we can lose track of how our pre-occupation with dealing with our 'adult stuff' can be impacting negatively on our children. Our children are often unable to articulate the impact on them; sometimes this is more apparent in their behaviours. When we do notice these behaviours we can feel overwhelmed and inadequate to deal with them or understand them. Counselling is a positive option at times like this. It is an important to ask for support and ensure that you receive the professional guidance available at times like these. It will benefit the whole family.

Our parenting approach is often modelled on what we ourselves experienced as children. Our parenting ability or lack of can simply be because we know no other way to parent our children, we are doing the best with the knowledge we have. This isn't a shame and blame point but rather a reality and we are fortunate at Lifeskills to have a lot of relevant parenting resources to assist us and you on the journey.

At times, in desperation parents/caregivers refer children with the clear expectation that Lifeskills will 'fix' the child. We understand this can be an indicator that the parent/s are fed up and have exhausted all of their ideas and energy. It is at these times that we are here to offer support and practical advice.

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