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New post A chat with MPs about Lifeskills Services

Cambridge can be proud of its decrease in youth crime over the years since Cambridge Lifeskills was established, as Cambridge Police Sergeant Gordon Grantham said earlier this year, "I have no doubt that the effort put into managing personal and social issues affecting youth by the Lifeskills Ins is the reason our youth crime has reduced so dramatically."However a serious area of growing concern is family violence, in this arena if we scratch the surface, Cambridge is no different from any other...

July 17, 2018

Love Languages

One of life's fundamental needs is to be loved, to experience nurturing, acceptance, and connection with others. Within all of us is an 'emotional love tank' that yearns to be full. In order to grow and develop in a healthy way we need to feel genuinely loved by significant people in our lives. For children it is particularly important to have their love tank filled by their parents/caregivers so that they can form attachments and feel secure enabling them to grow up emotionally healthy and able...

August 17, 2015

Parenting Challenges

Parenting Challenges Here at Cambridge Lifeskills a significant part of our service is to work alongside, advocate for and educate children and work with parents or caregivers. Our experience shows us this provides the best path forward for all especially our children. If you are concerned about your child / children or someone else's children or your parenting, please contact us to discuss possibilities, we are here to help. Being a parent/caregiver is the hardest job on earth. There are so...

July 23, 2015

Counselling for our young Cambridge school-aged children

Cambridge Lifeskills is an organisation that has been providing counselling to children and young people for nearly 22 years now. The only criterion is that the child or young person must be attending school in Cambridge and be between the ages of 5 and 15 years. This service is unique – there is no other known town in New Zealand offering a free counselling service to their children and young people. Our counsellors work with the children in their own schools so the children feel comfortabl...

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