Our Patron - Sarah Ulmer

As a mum of two young girls and a Cambridge resident, I am really proud to be the Patron of Cambridge Life Skills.

I think that the free counselling service this organisation provides to our Cambridge young people is just fantastic – having a place where our young ones can have access to help BEFORE the problems become too big is such an incredible asset to our town and its future.

Cambridge is such a fortunate town – with amazing facilities, people and positive community. But not everyone is lucky enough to grow up carefree.

Having Cambridge Lifeskills help our children and young people achieve their full potential – in the classroom and out in the big wide world I think is not just so valuable to our children and families, but is helping the future of Cambridge stay safe, vibrant and prosperous.

Keep up the great work you guys!!

Sarah Ulmer
Cambridge Lifeskills Patron

Meet the Cambridge Lifeskills Team

Cambridge Lifeskills provides a free counselling service to the fifteen schools in the Cambridge district. The counsellors work with children in the five to fifteen years age group. The counsellors find it is frequently necessary if not essential to also include families in the work they do with the children.
The counselling service has become an integral part of the support network available to the children of Cambridge. Being local enables families with children in different schools to be seen and counselled in their familiar school environment. It also allows for close monitoring of the referred children. The counsellors usually work with the children in their base schools, negating the need for children to travel during the school day.There have been traumatic incidents occur in the Cambridge schools and having ready access to counsellors in the community has benefited children and school staff at these difficult times. Currently there are 7 counsellors on the team working for Cambridge Lifeskills. Changes in society have meant many children are now exposed to an increasing range and number of issues. Children do not have the skills to deal with these but they are with encouragement and support often willing to talk through their personal situation with trusted adults such as the Cambridge Lifeskills counsellors. We as a group greatly appreciate the support of sponsors and supporters and take every opportunity to make the wider community aware of these generous gestures of support.

Our Counselling Team 2018


Lee-Anne Fitzgerald

Sarah Thomas

Raewyn Langdale

Lara Lo Nobile

Julie Antony

Shirlee Bennett

Natalie Gibbons

Sarah Court

Manager - Clinical Leader

Sandy Wesford

Our Board

Cambridge Lifeskills is governed by a Board - all volunteers in the Cambridge Community. Board members attend monthly meetings, contribute constructive input into those meetings and support funding and profile initiatives, helping grow Cambridge Lifeskills. Below are our current Board Members:

  • John Bullick - Board Chair
  • Sandy Wesford - Agency Manager - Clinical Leader
  • Sarah Ulmer - Patron
  • Sherry Herkes - Cambridge Real Estate - Foundation Sponsor
  • Lea De Rooy - Finance
  • Marilynn Jones - Retired Principal
  • Tina-Maree Thatcher - Principal Karapiro School
  • Jack Reid - Retired Principal - Grant Applications
  • Quentin Glover - Sponsorship
  • Steff McNamara - Secretary

Positive Early Intervention


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